33rd Annual

Annual Cowboys Symposium


September 10-12, 2021

About the Event

Many people do not realize the National Cowboy Symposium & Celebration, Inc.® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The organization goal is to preserve our Western heritage and cowboy culture. We do this by producing the annual event and the 33rd Annual National Cowboy Symposium & Celebration® (NCSC) will be held September 10-12, 2021 in Lubbock, Texas.

The NCSC celebrates Western heritage and cowboy culture for those who know and love it, and introduces new audiences to the heritage and culture so they may embrace it as well.


2020 Official Statement:

The NCSC Board recognizes the fluidity of COVID-19 and its impact on hosting events in a public space. COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in Texas, and behavioral risk mitigation strategies are the best option for slowing its spread. This is especially important because mildly symptomatic individuals can transmit COVID-19 unknowingly. Given these considerations, coupled with a more unfavorable outcome of COVID-19 in older adults, we have decided to recommend against hosting the 2020 event.

The decision was a hard one and we took as much time as possible to allow for a significant decrease in cases in our state. Our decision on the hosting of the annual NCSC event is further affected by resources, which beyond our control, may not be readily available during this unusual pandemic time.

We trust you will understand this decision is in the interest of public health including visitors, performers, exhibitors, and volunteers.

However, in lieu of hosting a face-to-face event, the NCSC Board has approved the presentation of virtual sessions which will be available on Facebook or our You Tube channel. Details on these 2020 special presentations will be available soon on this web site. We appreciate your support of our event, and hope you and your family will come see us in person at the 2021 event!



Tickets are sold through this website’s online Store when available. Other items such as coffee and books are available through the online store year-round. Just click “Store”, above, for more information on the NCSC’s products and promotions.


12 till the Kickoff


Volunteer at the National Cowboy Symposium

If you are interested in volunteering during the annual event - September 10-12th, 2021, please contact the Symposium office or email us.


Performer Information

Visit the Performer tab for more information on the event September 10-12th, 2021.
You may also contact the Symposium via email.

2020 Spur Raffle

Purchase your raffle tickets for the September 10-12th, 2021, for only $10 per chance!!

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