Special Presentations

There are numerous special presentations that are part of the National Cowboy Symposium and Celebration.  Just click on your area of interest to the left.  These include:

The Gene Autry and Sons of the Pioneers Music Luncheon - a fun luncheon with traditional and nostalgic music from days past - music by Prairie Moon, Wichita Falls, TX.

TUB TALK - Washtub Workshop

Horse Training sessions

The Most Infamous Range War in the US - State Historian Bill O'Neal

Farrier Demos by Zack Dickens

Youth Book Reading by Nathan Dahlstrom

The Horseman's Panel with Larry Maurice, Mike Beck, Chris Isaacs, Ross Knox

The Music of Bob Wills with Jimmy Burson

The Changing Face of Lead Characters in Western Fiction by Karen Fitzjerrell

Native American Demonstrations by the Quanah Parker Family

Youth Wild West Day

The Parade of The Horse

Heritage History  - Music and Poetry about the horse, as well as other hisotrical sessions

The Cowboy Culture Award